April 27, 2018 / byTraditional Timber Frames

Veranda Face-lift

renovation veranda traditional timber frame

Whilst we are involved in many new builds, some projects are renovations or upgrades of existing buildings.
This a personal project which involves the upgrading of a very old building with a new veranda.

We constructed the components for this during a recent workshop course with our students, and it conveniently was the correct dimensions to fit this veranda!

traditional timber renovation

renovation veranda traditional timber frame

The substantial posts, beam and braces transform the facade of the building and we feel they make a significant improvement.
If you have a project that involves a newly constructed veranda or a renovation that could benefit from this type of framing, let us know.
These types of components can be designed, made and delivered to your site, and are simple and cost effective to install as a kit.

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