Traditional timber frame courses.

Three day immersive training.
Hands on.
Make stuff.

Want to get a real grasp of what's involved
in building traditional timber frames?

Come and get your hands dirty.

We conduct several Traditional Timber Framing courses during the year.
The three day course covers a solid introduction to the craft, selection of timbers, design considerations, the process of marking and hands on construction of joints.

The course is 25% classroom and 75% hands on, you mark, scribe, chisel and finesse classic timber joints on large dimension timber.  Typically we complete a frame and stand it by the end of the course.

Our course participants range form those who aspire to making their own frame and trusses to those who want to have a greater understanding of the construction type they are selecting for their home.

If you would like to be notified of our course dates and when bookings are open, just complete the form below and we will let you know.

Course Interest
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