Truss & frames design selection

Trusses and frames design ranges from simple
and minimalist to ornate and decorative.

Selecting Truss Styles

As each truss or frame is hand made to specification, the level of customisation is unlimited.
Trusses can be streamlined and very simple in terms of form, or intricate and fully adorned with ornate finials and carving if you wish.

From time to time traditional timber framing is confused with ‘bush type’ heavy and usually round pole construction. These tend to be roughly made with no crafted joints often secured with fencing wire. Our crafted joints have a target tolerance of less than 1mm, as it is the very accurate and subsequent tight joint that gives the strength to the finished frame and home.

Here are some trusses examples to help you find the styles that you like and will match your project.
(roll your mouse or touch illustrations for info)

Simple Timber Truss
Beautiful sleek design that’s well suited to modern and contemporary buildings.
Can span up to 6m
Raised Tie Beam Truss
A great truss where some extra headroom or
that vaulted look is important
Simple King Post
A beautiful and strong truss that gives an extra bit of character.
Can be designed to suit most spans.
King Post Truss with angled braces
A variation on the simple king post that has that little bit of extra detail.
Carved King Truss
This truss is a very strong and decorative
truss well suited to more traditional projects.
Includes decorative through tenons, and carved
king post to really show off the craftsmanship
Straight Queen Truss
Queen trusses are an elegant yet simple truss suited to both traditional
and modern projects. Can span up to 6m.
Curved Queen Truss
Adding curves to the queen truss
,gives a wonderfully natural feel to the roof
structure. These curves are sourced from
naturally curved logs.
Angled Queen Truss
Another variation on the queen truss
to suit a range of projects and aesthetics.
Queen trusses included a large 250mm
tie beam and can be designed to suit a range
of spans.
Scissor Truss
This truss is quite a modern design
that provides a great vaulted feel, with that
modern engineered appearance.
These trusses are able to suit
most spans and pitches and can be
made from a wide range of timber

Selecting Frame Styles

Trusses are supported by frames, sometimes the frame is hidden behind lining of the building. But the beauty of the truss can flow on to the supporting frame and be shown off in the building.

As you can see from the examples below the truss can become entirely integrated with the supporting frame till they are one.

King Truss with Posts
By adding posts to your truss design,
you get the extra beauty and strength of timber
and can incorporate it into your buildings
wall structure
Queen Truss with Posts
This truss with posts, can easily span
6m which is the perfect size for most living
areas. By having posts on your truss, it
eliminates the need for steel or other
supporting members.
Arch braced truss
This truss is a very traditional design
and includes a lot of decorative details.
The curved arch braces gives a stunning
vaulted look to your ceiling and the entire
jointed arch is a fantastic showcase of
our craftsmanship and attention to detail
Hammer Beam Truss
This is one of the most elaborate,
decorative and strong truss designs
available to traditional timber frame projects.
This design has been used extensively
throughout history in some of the worlds
most beautiful buildings.
Sling Braced Truss
Showcasing a pair of beautiful and
naturally curved sling braces, this truss is a
fantastic way to incorporate awesome natural
shaped timbers, into large open spaces
Cruck Frame
Originating in the south west of the UK, and using a large pair of curved cruck blades this design is a beautiful way to connect traditional craftsmanship, with natural building
and modern elegance.

Timber Selection

Australian timbers provide a good range of colours and texture to compliment your project.

Speak to us about availability and suitability for your building project.

Getting a Project Estimate

Moving your project forward. After the inspiration comes the process of making an idea move towards a commencement point.By completing the Project Questionnaire Traditional Timber Frames can provide a concept design and an initial estimation of costs for your project.