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Traditional Timber Truss
14.06.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Arcadia Home complete

In 2015 Traditional Timber Frames undertook a project to add an extension to a weather board home in Arcadia , NSW. It…

Hand crafted timber frames for houses
27.04.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Hitch a ride on a truss

Double Post Frame with vertical King and Queen posts, now that’s a mouthful, but an impressive truss frame that is apart of…

renovation veranda traditional timber frame
27.04.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Veranda Face-lift

Whilst we are involved in many new builds, some projects are renovations or upgrades of existing buildings. This a personal project which…

Our workshop
17.04.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Our workshop

We are often asked about our workshop, maybe some people have a vision of us in an industrial complex between a smash…