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George IV Hotel – Craft Beer Bar

Commercial Building

In 2016, one of the oldest pubs in NSW, Pictons George IV Hotel, suffered extensive damage in a devastating flood. Part of this restoration was the construction of a new boutique/craft beer bar to showcase a range of local brews and provide some lovely views to the creek.

Our drafted design and the completed structure.

The Architect, Builder and Owners wanted to create a new area that not only did justice to the historic pub, but also added character, history, style and a talking piece to the new bar area. Traditional Timber Frames were called in to design and construct a timber frame that fitted the desired look that added to the history of one of the oldest buildings in NSW.

Design of the structure was undertaking in house along with conceptional drawings for approval and of course engineering approvals. After sourcing of the timber, all the joint work and finishing was undertaken in our workshop and delivered to site. Our team completed the assembly on site, ready for the other trades to complete the fit out.

Our workshop and craftsman Andrew, with trusses laid out.

As with all our jobs there was a tight budget and timeline to be adhered to especially as being a commercial site, the owners needed to reestablish their income  and recover from the setbacks of the flood.
Our clients at the George IV Hotel are very pleased with this distinctive addition to their beautiful public house. The owners celebrated the completion of our portion of the works by driving in the last peg. So if you find yourself in Picton, drop in and have “one off the wood” as they say.

The inscribed year of construction in the King Post & driving in the last peg.

George IV Hotel

GeorgeIV Picton

Location – Picton NSW

Frame Construction in the workshop – 6wks

Frame Budget – $55k

Time On Site – 1 wk

Timber Type – Grey Ironbark

Number of joints – 200.

Cool features – Tabled scarf joints, king post trusses, braced awning.

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