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Design & Engineering

One of the most important aspects of creating any piece of craftsmanship is the design. This is especially important when it involves heavy engineering, council requirements, structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.


One of Traditional Timber Frames core services is drawing from our years of traditional woodwork and building experience to design, document and engineer a range of projects from small scale furniture to large commercial roofs and trusses. Some of these we design in conjunction with architects and builders for us to build, and sometimes we design these projects for other people to build….

We have a dedicated timber frame designer on our team who works with our clients to create a completely bespoke and tailor made design package for your project. This might be anything from a simple dining table to a grand mansion in the style of your choice. We use our years of experience as traditional woodworkers and builders, to help create a timeless piece of craftsmanship that you can call your own.

What do we design?

  • Bespoke Traditional Furniture
  • Pergolas, Gazebos, Verandahs
  • Garages, Barns, Sheds
  • Architectural Roof Trusses, Extensions, Conservatories
  • House Frames, Commercial Buildings, Bridges
  • Timber Frame Design as well as Architectural design (we can design the complete house!)

If it involves heavy timbers, traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, then we are well placed to design it for you.

Who do we design for?

  • Woodworking beginners
  • Owner Builders
  • Home Owners
  • Carpenters, Builders and Tradespeople
  • Architects, Engineers and other design professionals

How do we do it?

  • We work with you, to determine exactly what you’re after
  • Choose the particular style you’re going for (traditional English cottage or a modern Australian house and everything between)
  • Work out how much detail you require. If you’re building a frame for yourself, we can provide a relatively simple set of council drawings through to a full set of working drawings, showing a breakdown of every piece, every joint, every measurement and every detail.
  • All of our designs are based on traditional mortice and tenon joinery that stems from the craftsmanship that we pride ourselves on creating in the workshop.
  • COMPLETELY ENGINEERED. We design the project and then organise all the relevant engineering to ensure a seamless progression through the relevant approvals processes.

Contact us for a free set of sample plans,
to see what’s included in our design packages.

Getting a Project Estimate

Moving your project forward. After the inspiration comes the process of making an idea move towards a commencement point.By completing the Project Questionnaire Traditional Timber Frames can provide a concept design and an initial estimation of costs for your project.