Complete Home Design

Helping you create your home is what we do.

There are many aspects to designing your home just right.
The aspect, orientation, the right materials, considering the
on going cost of living in the home, right through to
the council paperwork, we look after this completely.

"Building your own home is about fantasy, desire.
It's achievable:
anyone can do it."

What we do.

We offer full Building Design and Drafting services for high quality homes, renovations, extensions, and additions .

We can work with you from the conception of your project right through to the completion of fully detailed, council ready construction drawings. Throughout the design process we like to be innovative where possible, present sustainable options and recommend healthy building materials for your home.

Working with you.

As Building Designers, we have a great functional understanding of design principles and styles, and importantly creating designs that can be economical to build and live in. This means we can craft a space which fits what you want and what you didn’t even know you want, but which is made to be beautiful for you.

All of our work starts with the concepts of solar passive design and sustainability in both ongoing use, and initial inputs. This means a home which is more comfortable, far cheaper to live in, and which is healthier for your family.

The materials and building systems we specify for our home designs are a range of low energy input, natural and non-manufactured, new, recycled and upcycled, non-toxic low-emissions products and styles. This makes your home healthier for you and for the environment without compromising on beauty, durability, or finish.

Our drawings and specifications are crafted with a builder’s eye for detail and functionality. Our full construction detailing is drawn from real-world experience, which allows your project to run smoother, on time and on budget.

The process of designing your home.

Getting started is easy, either pick up the phone and give us a call or complete the Project Questionnaire at the bottom of the page

Either way we listen to you about the things you need in your home, the styles you like, about the location for your home and how we can best use the sun location in different seasons and the prevailing wind patterns to take advantage of natures heating and cooling for you.

We explain options that you have in building materials selection, and explain how our fees work.
You get to decide if you would like to move onto the Concept Design stage. If so, we then go away and work on the Concept based on your vision and all the things we have discussed.

There are various stages of going back to you for your approval to move to the next stage, refining the design and creating the drawings, plans and documents that are required for approval by you and of course agencies like local Council etc. Additional consultants fees will need to be paid during this stage for the acquisition of Bushfire Reports, Environmental Reports, Engineering, BASIX and any other documents required.

At each stage of design work, you will be required to make an up front payment prior to any work commencing. This will be fully detailed in the Fee Proposal presented at our initial meeting. At the completion of each stage, you are welcome to take the drawings created for you and continue work without us. The drawings and the design are created for you and are yours to keep.

The Design Team

“We have an increasing demand from our clients for a design service
that is tune with the principals of our framing business, so it has
been a natural progression to offer design services to our
customers and others”
Chris Nance.

Derek Sallans

Building Designer
Our Building Designer Derek has worked on hundreds of design and 3D modelling projects, working on Traditional Timber Frames, and with Builders and Architects all over the country to bring their ideas to life. With experience ranging from physical scale models of houses, apartments, and commercial projects, through 3D modelling, detailing, Drafting, and DA submissions, to building work on natural building projects all over the state, Derek has the understanding of design and drafting necessary to create a bespoke home tailored for you and your family.

Chris Nance

Licenced Builder, Master Timber Framer
Owner, Master Builder Chris Nance is a world renowned Carpenter, Timber Framer, and Builder with over a decade of experience in the Australian building industry. The depth of hands-on construction knowledge Chris brings to our design projects means that your drawings are assured of not just complying with codes, but being designed to the highest standards and greatest detail right from the start.

Connect with Us

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