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Arcadia Home complete

Traditional Timber Truss

In 2015 Traditional Timber Frames undertook a project to add an extension to a weather board home in Arcadia , NSW. It involved the design and creation of a full timber framed addition, with a soaring raked ceiling revealing beautiful trusses with many curved elements. As you can see from these before and after photos the transformation is stunning, the new extension opening up the space and letting in light to what would have been quite a dark original building.

Arcadia traditional timber home

The original building is clearly shown here with the new works in the background with the full timber post shown.

Arcadia Traditional Timber

The fireplace is gives a good reference here to show the different elements, posts, rafters and trusses all displayed in the finished home.


Arcadia Beautiful timber frame
Likewise the curved braces before and after, with the finished timber having a lovely finish.

Arcadia timber home   Arcadia traditional timber

Traditional Timber Truss

An addition to an existing home is a clever way to make an existing property in to a totally different and unique home.
What a beautiful result.

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