Beautiful handcrafted Traditional Timber Frames

We make the finest complete house frames and feature truss sets for your home.

Our Services

You can have your home completely framed in traditionally jointed timber,
or incorporate your choice of timber truss design into other building construction types.
We also provide specialist engineering, design and training services.

Traditional Timber
House Frames

Complete house frame, heavy timbers and pegged joints.

Architectural Feature
Truss Sets

Choose beautiful trusses for incorporation into your new home project.

Selecting Truss
and Frame Styles

What Can I have?
Sleek modern to full Game of Thrones.

Information for
Architects and Builders

Fully engineered truss sets for your
clients project, to your specifications.

Design & Engineering

Specialist engineering and design

service for timber frames, trusses and components.

Traditional Timber
Framing Courses

Get hands on, a great introduction
to the world of traditional timber construction

About us

Timber is our life , and life is good.

Traditional Timber Frames is a specialist timber framing business led by Chris Nance.  We are based in the Southern Highlands of NSW and since starting in 2009, have worked on a range of projects Australia wide.

Our business is a small and passionate team that prides itself on the finest craftsmanship, attention to detail, customer service and exceptional value for our clients.

We design and build traditionally crafted heavy timber frames (often called post and beam frames) using ethically sourced timbers for public buildings, houses, garages, furniture, joinery and a range of other structures.

Working alongside Architects, Home Owners, Building Contractors and others, we help create quality buildings that are sustainable, unique, beautiful and affordable.

Timeless designs through true craftsmanship

Browse through some of our projects, find inspiration for your own project.

traditional timber frame
27.02.2019 / by Traditional Timber Frames

The Black Shed Project.

Located in Mudgee, NSW, the Black Shed was designed to be a small and beautiful part time residence for visiting family, as…

Commercial Building
04.02.2019 / by Traditional Timber Frames

George IV Hotel – Craft Beer Bar

In 2016, one of the oldest pubs in NSW, Pictons George IV Hotel, suffered extensive damage in a devastating flood. Part of this…

04.02.2019 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Normandy France – Training Course.

Having taught traditional timber framing courses in Australia for several years now it was an immense privilege to be invited to co-teach…

10.08.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Pullenvale – Mission Possible.

A large fully framed building in traditionally pegged large dimension timber is quite an undertaking, and its what we love to do….

09.08.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Kiels Mountain Truss Set, from start to finish.

The clients on this project we’re after a major visual feature that would make the main living areas of this home both…

Traditional Timber Truss
14.06.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Arcadia Home complete

In 2015 Traditional Timber Frames undertook a project to add an extension to a weather board home in Arcadia , NSW. It…

Hand crafted timber frames for houses
27.04.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Hitch a ride on a truss

Double Post Frame with vertical King and Queen posts, now that’s a mouthful, but an impressive truss frame that is apart of…

renovation veranda traditional timber frame
27.04.2018 / by Traditional Timber Frames

Veranda Face-lift

Whilst we are involved in many new builds, some projects are renovations or upgrades of existing buildings. This a personal project which…

Getting in touch

Whether you are a building professional or undertaking your own project, if you are considering including traditional timber elements, we would love to hear from you.

Traditional Timber Frames Pty Ltd

Postal: PO Box 43, Marulan NSW 2579

Office phone: (02) 4867 6000

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Getting a Project Estimate

Moving your project forward. After the inspiration comes the process of making an idea move towards a commencement point.By completing the Project Questionnaire Traditional Timber Frames can provide a concept design and an initial estimation of costs for your project.