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Traditional Timber Framing is a craft that involves the jointing of large section timbers (with the use of pegged mortice and tenon joinery) to form a structural frame for a building. This system has been used for centuries throughout the world with some of the most beautiful ancient buildings still standing as a testament to the trade.
Traditionally in Britain and Europe, Oak has been the main timber used for framing, thanks largely to its strength and durability. In Australia we don’t have Oak but we have a wide range of timbers that are equally suitable.
No. We only use timbers with good natural durability. It is better to protect less durable timbers with good building design rather than use chemical preservatives. It is possible to give the frame an oil or similar finish to enhance the natural beauty and colours of the timber but if the timber is left exposed outside it will simply weather to a lovely silvery grey.
Traditional Timber Frame
Traditional Timber frame
Traditional Timber Frame
Traditional Timber frame
Yes. Most of the timbers in a traditional frame are used unseasoned, and allowed to dry in situ. As the timber dries out over the years there will be some movement, and joints may open or twist a little, which adds to the natural beauty of a timber frame. Thanks to the joinery design which has evolved over hundreds of years the frame actually gets stronger and stronger over time. There are some members in the frame which need to be seasoned though such as the braces and the pegs.
The timbers are mostly jointed using mortice and tenon joinery which are then secured with riven hardwood pegs. Each peg is handmade to provide maximum strength and when they are driven into the joint they pull the tenon tight into the mortice.
Is the timber used ‘Green’?
How are the joints secured?
Does the timber need treatment?
Do you make the frames on site?
Do your frames comply with Building Regulations?
How much does it cost?
Can you manage the complete building project?
What is Traditional Timber Framing?
What timbers do you use?
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Traditional Timber Frames
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